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We are constantly experimenting to find the best balance of fragrance, texture and creaminess. Our soaps contain natural oils and butters which nourish and protect the skin. We use pure essential oils to fragrance our soaps and colour them with natural ingredients such as minerals, clays and tea. We don’t use any synthetic fragrances, colourants or preservatives.

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Rose Geranium

The delicious fragrance of Rose Geranium is reputed to promote feelings of calm and well-being. The delicate pink colour is obtained through a subtle blend of mineral and clay pigments.

French Lavender

Fragranced with essential oil distilled from lavender grown in sunny Provence, this soap evokes memories of holidays in bygone summers. In addition to its beautiful fragrance, lavender is renowned for its healing and relaxing qualities. properties. We achieve the lavender colour by hand-blending natural mineral and clay pigments into the soap mix.

Sweet Orange

Citrus notes provide a refreshing and invigorating aroma for this beautiful soap. Its fragrance is both sweet and uplifting - this is just the soap to set you up for the day. The authentic orange colour comes from ground annatto seeds which are a natural exfoliant and anti-oxidant.

Spiced Orange

We devised this soap with Christmas in mind, but it has proved to be a year round favourite.  Hints of cinnamon, cloves, bergamot and nutmeg combine with the sweetness of fresh orange to achieve a sensual, warming fragrance. The authentic orange colour comes from ground annatto seeds which are a natural exfoliant and anti-oxidant.

Earl Grey Tea

A subtle blend of bergamot and lemongrass essential oils recall the sophisticated pleasure of afternoon tea. This soap contains ground Earl Grey tea which gently exfoliates the skin and gives the soap its unique colour.

Frankincense & Cedarwood

Originally created for men, this has proved to be a popular with everyone. A heady blend of frankincense, cedarwood, orange, cloves and cinnamon essential oils provide an exotic fragrance.

Patchouli, Mint and Geranium

This soap is a perfect marriage of three scents: the woody fragrance of patchouli, the refreshing zing of mint and the freshness of geranium. You only need to close your eyes and let yourself be transported to a beautiful flower garden. The calming green colour comes from Spirulina powder which is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The gentle lather leaves skin soft and fragrant, a lovely way to start or end the day.

Walnut Oil with Honey and Beeswax

Pure honey and beeswax from Burgundy combine to give this soap a natural golden colour and a rich soft lather. It is made with walnut oil which moisturises and nourishes the skin and combines perfectly with the cocoa butter to produce a warm and subtle fragrance. There is a slightly grainy texture to the soap, giving a gentle exfoliating effect. This soap contains no added fragrance or colourants.

Pure Goats’ Milk

Renowned for its purity and moisturising qualities, the mildness of goats’ milk soap can be beneficial for those with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. The milk used to make this soap comes from alpine goats kept by the Chèvrerie de la Fillouse at Suilly la Tour, in western Burgundy. This soap contains no added fragrances or colourants.

Goats’ Milk & Lemongrass

Lemongrass essential oil gives this soap a fresh and invigorating aroma. This soap is also made with milk from the Chèvrerie de la Fillouse and it contains no added colorants.

Goats' Milk & Peppermint

Peppermint gives an extra lift and zest to this soap, contrasting its freshness with the creamy smoothness of the goats' milk from the Chèvrerie de la Fillouse. This soap contains no added colourants.

Goats’ Milk & Green Tea

This soap’s unique and delicate aroma is obtained through infusing pure goats’ milk with freshly ground green tea and grapefruit and bergamot essential oils. The soap also contains finely ground green tea as a gentle and natural exfoliant.

Goats’ Milk, Honey & Eucalyptus

This soap, made with milk from the Chèvrerie de la Fillouse, is enriched with pure honey from Suilly la Tour and delicately enhanced by the cool, clean, crisp scent of eucalyptus. This soap contains no added colourants.

Goats' Milk & Hazelnut

In this soap we marry the skin softening qualities and subtle fragrance of hazelnut oil (from the famous Donzy Nut Oil Mill, Le Moulin de l’Ile) with the nourishing softness of goats' milk from Chèvrerie de la Fillouse. No added colourants or fragrance - ground hazelnuts provide a natural and gentle exfoliant.

Goats’ Milk with Hazelnut Oil and Honey

By combining hazelnut oil with creamy goats’ milk from the Chèvrerie de la Fillouse, we are able to produce a gentle and delicate soap, enhanced by the addition of pure honey from Suilly la Tour. Hazelnut oil, goats’ milk and honey are all renowned for their skin nourishing properties. This soap contains no added fragrance or colourants.